Better Than Harmony

This is a The Son Of God The Father Of Heaven And Hakomiism Website.

“Better Than Harmony”

“To be said in deep acknowledgment of one’s Principal Guide and Guides by birth, as we each have nineteen. I want to change the world in light of changing the very nature of our reality, a little and for the better. I have been living a twenty~four~year~Odyssey immersed amongst beings and their phenomenon.” As for myself, my reality has been “maligned from the norm”.


Embrace mindfulness practices to cultivate awareness and presence in your daily life, paving the way for awakening.


Embark on a journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth, guided by enlightened teachings for profound personal to global awakening.


Access a sanctuary of guided meditations tailored to deepen your spiritual connection, offering solace and clarity in awakening, and more in the chaos of modern life.

My blog seems to be broken and I can not seem to get it fixed, any help? Regardless, I have been phenomenalogically under attack for twenty-two-yrs. six mon. by the Triratna Cult and American God’s are having trouble upholding True and Right concerning my Plight and the very nature of being.

Unveiling the Odyssey

With over two decades of experience in understanding the mind and the phenomena of beings, our journey encompasses enlightenment, recovery, and a quest for spiritual truth in an ever-evolving reality.

Elevate Your Existence

Experience the profound transformation with our unique approach to spiritual enlightenment.

Personalized Guidance

Receive tailor-made spiritual guidance aligned with your unique journey and aspirations, fostering growth and self-realization.

Holistic Approach

Experience a holistic approach to spiritual development, blending ancient wisdom with modern insights for comprehensive transformative awakening experiences. Take the Red Pill not the Blue Pill if you want to Journey.

Join the Movement

The “Spirit of L.A.” and “Spirit of Detroit” guide me respectively as God~the~Father~of~Heaven~and~Hakomiism and Vice~God~the~Father~of~Heaven~and~Hakomiism.

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